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Hi, I'm Ari Amanatidis, a multidisciplinary designer specializing in UX & Product Design.

Here is some of my latest work.

Tablet app screenshots

Click to Pay

Product Experience Designer @ Mastercard (Current role)

At Mastercard, I am responsible for creating high fidelity demos for the North American Click to Pay team that are shared with leadership and customers. I deliver designs that get built and and understand the importance of working within constraints. I also help with testing and validating concepts to help the designs become usable and understandable.

Tablet app screenshots


Designer, Developer, Creator

When Swift UI was announced I wanted to get to know how to use it. What better way to learn something than by to make something with it? Thus was born YA$T (Yet Another Spending Tracker). Its a simple spending tracker focused on ease of use and quick entry, with customizable catergories and graph analysis throughout. Feel free to download on the App Store to see some of my UX and design sensibilities.

Tablet app screenshots

Hotel Booking

Principle UX Designer @ Tablet Hotels

As Principle UX Designer at Tablet Hotels I was responsible for the user experience of all aspects of their online assets, including leading the creation of their first app, which was an app of the day on the app store, and converting their old site with usability issues into a modern responsive site.

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Weather Based Music App

Designer, Developer, Creator

WeatherTunes is an app I dreamed up and learned to code in Swift, the programming language, and use Xcode to make. I painstakingly learned many of the nuances involved in making a custom UI on iOS, while sweating every pixel. I used animation affordances throughout the app to help anchor the user in the UI and to hopefully bring moments of delight.

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Apollo app screenshots

Walking for Charity

UX, UI & Prototyping @ Ad Theorent

Adtheorent is a digital advertising company that collects, organizes and analyzes data for advertisers and marketers. I helped them bring to life a side project that donated money to a users choice of a charity by tracking their walking for both iOS and Android.

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Magpie app screenshots

GPS Tracking

UX, UI & Prototyping @ Magpie

Magpie was an incubator startup for Human Ventures that raised $262k on Kickstarter to build a small GPS tracker that works everywhere around the world. I came in as a consultant to design all their online assets, including an app, a consumer facing web site, and a web based admin area for companies to manage and tracks multiple GPS units.


Pre 2015

View some of my previous work built with a fancy parallax scrolling navigation system.

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Clean visual design, rapid prototyping, a dash of motion to top it off and, of course, keep it simple. From strategy to mentorship, I enjoy all aspects of building products.

Hi, my name is Ari and I'm a UX designer in the Manhattan, NY area. I've worked at startups such as Limewire, Tablet Hotels and Eons social network, and have done consulting work for companies such as Mastercard, Kraft, Victoria's Secrets, Kia, Exxon, Arm & Hammer and GlaxoSmithKline.

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I am currently looking for contract work, or possibly full time for the right project and company mix.

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